Teoria: 20th Century Polish Thought

In spite of rising interest for the intellectual history of Central and Eastern Europe, knowledge of Polish achievements in the humanities remains selective and distorted. This holds true even in Poland, where scholars concentrate on the reception of often oversimplified Franco-American derivatives of the tradition which Polish thinkers played a significant role in shaping. As such, a slew of fascinating ideas and concepts formulated in Poland or by Polish scholars still await their rediscovery. Teoria intends all at once to compensate for the lack of recognition of Polish theory, to offer a more exhaustive image of it and to allow a revision of the Polish legacy.


Writing history – shaping history of (not only polish) literary studies

Ulicka Danuta



Literature from literature

Szymanska Kasia; Heydel Magda



Worlds in progress

Jeziorska-Haładyj Joanna; Mrugalski Michał



  • Michał Mrugalski


  • Henryk Baran
  • Magdalena Danielewiczowa
  • Rolf Fieguth
  • Jens Herlth
  • Christophe Potocki
  • Schamma Schahadat
  • Leszek Sosnowski
  • Galin Tihanov
  • Danuta Ulicka
  • Dorota Walczak
  • Jan Woleński