Anton Marty

Anton Marty (Schwyz 1847 - Prague 1914) was one of the greatest Swiss philosophers, whose writings on language, logic and ontology played an absolutely crucial role in the rise of major paradigms of the XXth century such as analytic philosophy, phenomenology, Gestalt psychology and structural linguistics. As a prominent representative of the Brentano School and a respected interlocutor of the key philosophers, linguists and psychologists of his time, Marty was at the centre of the debates on mind and language at the turn of XIXth century. The ambitious re-edition and translation of his complete works proposed here hopes to contribute to a much easier, contextualised access to Marty’s often complex texts.


  • Robin Rollinger


  • Laurent Cesalli
  • Arkadiusz Chrudzimski
  • Guillaume Fréchette
  • Maria Candida Ghidini
  • Carlo Ierna
  • Hynek Janoušek
  • Savina Raynaud
  • Michela Venditti