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Heinrich Lützeler


Heinrich Lützeler was born the son of a porcelain painter in Bonn. He studied philosophy, art history, and literature at the University of Bonn with Paul Clemen and Wilhelm Worringer, and in 1924 earned his doctorate with a dissertation on art perception under the direction of the philosopher Max Scheler.[1] He made a living writing theater reviews and giving lectures, while working on his habilitation, Grundstile der Kunst. He became a private teacher of philosophy in Bonn, but in 1940 was banned from teaching by the Nazi government. His final lecture at the University of Bonn, "On the Academic Profession" (29 February 1940) was printed and distributed by his students and became widely known in and around Bonn. In 1942 he was banned from writing and speaking throughout Germany and was under observation. Since 1942 he published with Herder publishers in Spanish, Slovakian, Hungarian, Romanian, and Swedish, for export only (Wikipedia)

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