1 Indeed, we might even say that man's ability to deceive himself about everything from sexual desire to death is what fundamentally distinguishes him. And this is not, as Morris has suggested, merely some idiosyncrasy that might occur "from time to time'2. In other words, self-deception is not just a contingent "error' occasionally affixing itself to the functioning of an otherwise rational self. Rather, as is the case in our own lives, the nature of what we disguise points towards something more significant about who we are. In short, in the individual case and the general, the secrets we hold from ourselves seem to offer a unique road to understanding the mysteries of the self." /> What does self-deception tell us about the self? - Mitchell David | sdvig press

What does self-deception tell us about the self?

a Sartrean perspective

David Mitchell

pp. 63-86

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