Phénoménologie de la perception 1 might almost be interpreted as an attempt to introduce the concept into philosophy and into those sciences that have man for their subject matter. The phenomenology of perception is for Merleau-Ponty the discovery and exploration of the world not such as everyday and scientific discourse describe it, but of the "pre-objective" world which it presupposes. As such it miplies an exploration of the phenomenal field or the "original" content of perception, which is supposed to set norms for, and limits to the kind of language psychologists, sociologists and laymen should use in talking about man. These two aspects of his work are closely linked, and are even held to stand or fall together. The link is made through the concept of the "pre-objective" world.2 Other expressions are used by Merleau-Ponty such as "le monde vécu," "the phenomenal field," as near equivalents, but we shall generally use the terms "pre-objective" or "pre-pred-icative."3" /> The pre-objective world - Kullman Michael; Taylor Charles | sdvig press

The pre-objective world

Michael Kullman , Charles Taylor

pp. 116-136

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