The Prague School and theories of structure

Martin Procházka, Markéta Malá, Pavlíná Šaldová

The first part of the book discusses the importance of Prague Structuralism for contemporary linguistics: the phonology of N. S. Trubetzkoy, the concepts of sign and neutralization in the work of Bohumil Trnka, and his influence on the theory of functional sentence perspective. It also traces contemporary devel­opments of structuralist method­ologies in pragmatics, morphology, and lexicology. The second part focuses on the legacy of the Prague school in the theories of poetic function, rhetoric, and translation. It assesses the relevance of structuralism for the present thought of differ­ence, social systems and history, system theories and fictions in science and literature. The book is the first volume in the series »Interfacing Science, Literature, and the Humanities«.

Bakhtin after Bakhtin

Spiridon Monica

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