Around Language: Writings Texts Documents

The archives of the language sciences contain sources and materials that are hard to access or have yet to be fully explored but that nonetheless present considerable historical and epistemological interest. In that light, this series hopes to contribute to the restitution and exploration of this intellectual legacy through the edition, reprint and translation of these heterogeneous sources. The series will encompass "Writings" - unpublished or unfinished texts, as well as lecture notes; "Texts" - published books that are now inaccessible but warrant a new, critical edition; "Documents" - correspondences, reviews and other relevant marginalia.


  • Bernard Colombat


  • Marc Décimo
  • Alessandro Chidichimo
  • Giorgio Graffi
  • Gerda Hassler
  • John Joseph
  • Sergej Romaško
  • Patrick Sériot
  • Pierre Swiggers
  • Jürgen Trabant
  • Serhij Wakulenko