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Essays on translation by Edward Balcerzan and Stanisław Barańczak

Kasia Szymanska, Magda Heydel

It is perhaps not too far-fetched to state that the two authors of the essays on literary translation collected in this volume, Edward Balcerzan (b. 1937) and Stanisław Barańczak (1946-2014), have gone down in the Polish history of literary translation as approximate equivalents of Gombrowicz’s professorial types. Balcerzan is known primarily as the author of “theory-orientated contributions” (Tabokowska 1998, 530) to Polish translation studies, written in the spirit of East European structuralism. As for Barańczak – the most prominent Polish translator of anglophone verse and a leading figure of the tradition often referred to as Generation 1968 (or Nowa Fala [New Wave]) – he represents the more analytic or critical branch of the discipline: his approach consists in dissecting “individual case studies”, without providing a more comprehensive framework for his ensuing “fragmented comments” (Ibidem, 530).

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