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The Open Commons of Phenomenology

We are proud to power the largest digital repository of phenomenological philosophy and research in the world, providing open access to texts, documents and structured data in close collaboration with institutions such as the Husserl Archives in Leuven.

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A cornerstone of our editorial mission is the promotion and support of research on structuralism. This flagship repository aims to provide the digital infrastructure for a renewed, international and interdisciplinary approach to the structuralist paradigm.

Selected Digital Projects

An important part of our editorial mission is to provide technical and curatorial support to research projects or scholarly associations for the creation and hosting of digital resources. The project are hosted on one of our thematic platforms and are managed autonomously by their research group or scholarly association.

The Roman Jakobson Trust

We host the official website of the Trust, providing a complete bibliography of Roman Jakobson, an extensive secondary literature list and access to an expanding number of full texts.

Scuola di Milano (Milan School)

Coordinated by Francesco Tava (KU Leuven), this research project aims "to clarify the characteristics of the Milan School line of thought, and particularly the 'critical and problematic method' (in Banfi’s words) for which its representatives opted."

Wolfgang Husserl: Kriegsbriefe (War Letters)

From October 2014 to March 2016, Thomas Vongehr published the War Letters of Edmund Husserl's son Wolfgang, a hundred years to the day after they were sent."

Book Series

Figures of Structuralism


Ausgewählte Schriften


Ecrits sur le langage

Pos Hendrik

Early Phenomenology



Von Sybel Alfred


Untersuchungen über den Empfindungsbegriff

Hofmann Heinrich

Around Language: Writings Texts Documents


Rhythmisch-melodische Studien

Sievers Eduard

Teoria: 20th Century Polish Thought


Writing history – shaping history of (not only polish) literary studies


Worlds in progress


Literature from literature