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Anna Yampolskaya

I resigned from my position of the Leading Research Fellow at the Centre for Fundamental Sociology of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow in protest over the war in Ukraine in March 2022. I am also a member of the Advisory Board of the Tijdschrift voor Filosofie, Leuven.

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Copyright (2018) Iskusstvo fenomenologii, Moskva, Ripol Klassik.
Copyright (2012) "The Idea of the Infinite in Levinas and Koyré", in: Burggraeve Roger, Hansel Joëlle, Lescouret Marie-Anne (ed), Recherches levinassiennes, Leuven, Peeters, pp.287-300.
Copyright (2018) "The problematisation of the "aesthetical experience" in Henri Maldiney's phenomenology", Horizon Studies in Phenomenology 7 (2), pp.n/a.
Open Access Link with Chernavin Georgy (2019) ""Estrangement" in aesthetics and beyond: Russian formalism and phenomenological method", Continental Philosophy Review 52 (1), pp.91-113.
Open Access (2019) Review: Flack Patrick, Idée, expression, vécu, Phenomenological Reviews 5, pp.29.
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