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Pierfrancesco Biasetti

BibliographyBiographyWork & ideasLiteratureCORRESP
Open Access Link with Menga Ferdinando G (2014) Metodo 2 (1).
Copyright with Jamieson Dale, Pugliese Alice (2024) Metodo 12 (1).
Open Access Link (2014) Review: Buchanan Allen, Better than human, Metodo 2 (2), pp.279-283.
Open Access Link with Menga Ferdinando G (2014) "Human rights in a plural ethical framework: A questioning on the threshold of legal orders", Metodo 2 (1), pp.7-16.
Open Access Link (2018) "Rights and persons", in: Altobrando Andrea, Niikawa Takuya, Stone Richard (ed), The realizations of the self, New York, Palgrave Macmillan, pp.217-232.
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