The Gift of Death: "tout autre est tout autre'. This means, among other possibilities, "every other is wholly other' (see Derrida, 1992a, pp. 79–108; Derrida, 1995a, pp. 82–115). We usually think of the "other' as just somewhat different, for example someone from a different culture. For Derrida the other in question in a poem's benediction is entirely different, "wholly other'. The consequences of accepting such a notion are not trivial. Something wholly other is frighteningly alien, unassimilable. Nevertheless, Derrida argues that a poem comes from such a wholly other and speaks for it. Just what that might mean this essay will try to show." /> Deconstruction and a poem - Miller J. Philip | sdvig press

Deconstruction and a poem

J Miller

pp. 171-186

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