Acta Structuralica

Acta Structuralica is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal. It publishes original studies as well as archival materials, working documents (bibliographies, indexes, datasets, etc.), and translations of both sources materials and secondary research related to structuralism and its history. Contributions can be submitted all year round in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish (more languages are accepted for source materials). Once accepted and reviewed, contributions are published immediately in digital form in the journal’s current volume. Contributions can also be curated into thematic dossiers. In addition to its main volume, Acta Structuralica publishes special issues on selected topics.

Vol. 12016
Vol. 12018Phenomenology and structuralism
Vol. 22017
Vol. 22018Merleau-Ponty and structuralism
Vol. 32018
Vol. 32021Romanian Structuralism
Vol. 42019
Vol. 4/12022Polish structuralism I
Vol. 4/22023Polish structuralism II
Vol. 52020
Vol. 62024