Chiasmi International

Chiasmi International is a peer-reviewed annual that publishes essays on or inspired by the thought of the French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty. Since 1999 it has published an important collection of original work on Merleau-Ponty that is truly international in scope. Each volume is focused on a particular theme or subject, with articles in English, French, or Italian. The editors welcome submissions in these languages.

Vol. 11999The contemporary heritage
Vol. 22000From nature to ontology
Vol. 32001Non-philosophy and philosophy
Vol. 42002Figures and grounds of the glesh
Vol. 52003The real and the imaginary
Vol. 62005Between aesthetics and psychoanalysis
Vol. 72005Life and individuation
Vol. 82006Science et philosophie - Science and philosophy - Scienza e filosofia
Vol. 92007Architecture and other institutions of life
Vol. 102008Double anniversary
Vol. 112009Thinking without dualisms today
Vol. 122010Philosophy and moving pictures
Vol. 132011Merleau-Ponty fifty years after his death
Vol. 142012Science, images, events
Vol. 152013Existence, diacritics, animality
Vol. 162014Between yesterday and tomorrow
Vol. 172015From plasticity to the poetic, through Ricoeur's hermeneutics
Vol. 182017The body, the machine, the unconscious
Vol. 192018Thinking the outside
Vol. 202018Merleau-Ponty 1908/2018
Vol. 212019Merleau-Ponty, la littérature et le langage littéraire - Merleau-Ponty, literature, and literary language - Merleau-Ponty, la letteratura e il linguaggio letterario
Vol. 22/12020Reflexes, reflections
Vol. 22/22020Merleau-Ponty and technology
Vol. 232021
Vol. 242022Thinking the anthropocene debate with Merleau-Ponty
Vol. 24/12022La phénoménologie critique après Merleau-Ponty
Vol. 24/22022Penser le débat sur l'Anthropocène avec Merleau-Ponty
Vol. 252023Horizons of war, of criticism, of the future