Vol. 14/10-122004From globalization to synergy of dialogue and universalisms
Vol. 14/3-42004In honor of Leszek Kołakowski
Vol. 14/5-62004Warsaw uprising 1944: part one
Vol. 15/11-122005
Vol. 15/3-42005Sources and new dreams of Western wisdom
Vol. 15/5-62005Kinds of an ways to wisdom
Vol. 15/7-82005Fourth European congress of dialogue and universalism Warsaw university, July 23–30, 2005
Vol. 15/9-102005
Vol. 16/1-22006
Vol. 16/102006Witold Kieżun — underground university student, insurgent, gulag's prisoner, scholar, un-expert
Vol. 16/11-122006Universalism, dialogue, wisdom—for pan-human civilization
Vol. 16/3-42006Virtual university of dialogue and universalism
Vol. 16/5-62006Authentic university
Vol. 16/7-92006Europeization and universalization of the tragism and meanings of the Warsaw uprisings of 1943 and 1944
Vol. 17/1-22007Wisdom of the virtual university and metanoia of civilizations network
Vol. 17/122007Complementarity and unification
Vol. 17/3-42007Universalism in Polish thought
Vol. 17/7-82007New stages of universalism
Vol. 18/1-32008Jan Srzednicki—beyond philosophical paradigms
Vol. 18/11-122008Philosophy of nature today
Vol. 18/7-82008Epistemology—from old dilemmas to new perspectives
Vol. 18/9-102008Time, eternity, infinity
Vol. 19/102009Return of the Polish brethren in the perspective of a new stage of universalism
Vol. 19/11-122009Towards universal civilizations
Vol. 19/3-52009Year of the meanings of Polish and European history
Vol. 19/6-72009Spain, Poland and Europe
Vol. 19/8-92009Henryk Elzenberg — axiology, ethics and the philosopy of culture
Vol. 20/1-22010Barbara Skarga and her philosophy
Vol. 20/11-122010Environmental ethics
Vol. 20/3-42010
Vol. 20/5-62010Gender and sexuality
Vol. 20/7-82010Leszek Kołakowski
Vol. 20/9-102010Between (globalistic) here-and-now culture and universalism
Vol. 21/12011Studies of civilizations
Vol. 21/22011Universalistic ideas in philosophy, multiple civilizations and scientific applications
Vol. 21/32011Poland in the context of Russia's way to Europe
Vol. 21/42011Human world contemporary and historical questions
Vol. 22/12012"Poland 2050" report
Vol. 22/22012Civilization and religion
Vol. 22/32012Civilization and science
Vol. 22/42012Civilization and science
Vol. 23/12013Culture, communication and cognition
Vol. 23/22013Transcendental philosophy in the 21st century
Vol. 23/32013Universal dialogue
Vol. 23/42013Henryk Skolimowski's eco-philosophy
Vol. 24/12014The experience of animality
Vol. 24/22014
Vol. 24/32014Philosophy: in search for knowledge and ways of life
Vol. 24/42014Technics, meditation, atmospheres, the main areas of Gernot Böhme's philosophy
Vol. 25/12015The human being I
Vol. 25/22015Human being II
Vol. 25/32015
Vol. 25/42015Prologue
Vol. 25/42015Gestalt as structure principles in science, art and language
Vol. 26/22016Over-elaborated and forgotten topics in contemporary social philosophy
Vol. 26/32016
Vol. 26/42016Values and Ideals. Theory and Practice: Part I
Vol. 27/22017Values and ideals. theory and practice: part III
Vol. 27/32017Values and ideals. theory and practice: part iv
Vol. 27/42017Values and ideals. theory and practice: part v
Vol. 28/22018Friendship
Vol. 28/32018Karl Marx: on the occasion of the bicentary of his birth
Vol. 28/42018Philosophical anthropology at the crossroads
Vol. 29/12019Philosophy in an age of crisis, part I
Vol. 29/22019Philosophy in an age of crisis, part II
Vol. 29/32019Philosophy in an age of crisis, part III
Vol. 30/12020Philosophy in an age of crisis, Part IV