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Vol. 21986
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Vol. 71991
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Vol. 111995
Vol. 121996Thinking in the crossing toward the arrival of "Be-ing"
Vol. 131997The critical threshold for thinking at the end of philosophy
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Vol. 162000
Vol. 172001
Vol. 182002Hermeneutic pre-conditions of the thinking of Being
Vol. 192003Hermeneutic phenomenology, and the reform of the German university
Vol. 202004Presence of Kant and Hölderlin in Being-historical Perspective
Vol. 212005On technicity, and venturing the leap
Vol. 222006Questions concerning art, formal Logic, and christianity
Vol. 232007Being-historical thinking, and life-philosophy, anthropologism, racism, and formal logic
Vol. 242008Modern homelessness, the political and art in light of machination
Vol. 252009Twenty years of Beiträge zur Philosophie (Vom Ereignis)
Vol. 262010Foundations of sciences, tradition, and the other onset of thinking
Vol. 272011Enowning-thinking, the onefold of hermeneutic phenomenology, interpreting Gestalt and history
Vol. 282012
Vol. 292013Technicity, language and translation
Vol. 302014The unevaluable, technicity and language
Vol. 312015Being-historical hermeneutic in enactment
Vol. 322016The task of thinking and hermeneutic phenomenology
Vol. 332017Being-historical thinking and mindfulness
Vol. 342018Language and thinking in a post-metaphysical age
Vol. 352019The wellspring of thinking, finitude, and the ontological difference
Vol. 362020Freedom, technology, and the question of faith
Vol. 372021Science, faith, the sacred, and the question of evil
Vol. 382022