Metodo. International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy

Metodo. International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, and fully open access journal founded in 2012. Its aim is to foster philosophical investigations at the crossroad of phenomenological scholarship and other scientific and philosophical currents of thought.

Vol. 1.12015On the transcendental
Vol. 1.22017On the transcendental II
Vol. 1.32019On the transcendental III
Vol. 1/12013On phenomenological method
Vol. 1/22013Naturalism and subjectivity
Vol. 2/12014Human rights in a plural ethical framework
Vol. 2/22014On Virtuality
Vol. 3/12015Phenomenology and semiotics
Vol. 3/22015Supervenience and the theory of experience
Vol. 4/12016Facing global crisis after Europe
Vol. 4/22016Phenomenology and linguistics
Vol. 5/12017Intersubjectivity and recognition
Vol. 5/22017Responsibility and justice for future generations in dialogue with phenomenology
Vol. 6/12018Philosophy and literature
Vol. 6/22018Phenomenologies of sacrifice
Vol. 7/12019Self and singularity
Vol. 7/22019Mediation
Vol. 8/12020On institutions
Vol. 8/22020Positive feelings on the border between phenomenology, psychology and virtue ethics
Vol. 9/12021Diagrammatic gestures
Vol. 9/22021Reification
Vol. 10/12022Familiarity and togetherness
Vol. 10/22023On history
Vol. 11/12023Didactics of philosophy and philosophical practices
Vol. 11/22024Ontology and phenomenology of movement
Vol. 12/12024Ethics, climate and the environment
Vol. 12/22025Philosophy and/of economics
Vol. 13/12025Transcendental phenomenology, the idea of philosophy and the foundation of science
Vol. 13/22025On Generativity