Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences

Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences is an international journal that offers a forum for illuminating the intersections between phenomenology, empirical science, and analytic philosophy of mind.

Vol. 1/12002
Vol. 1/22002
Vol. 1/32002
Vol. 1/42002
Vol. 2/12003
Vol. 2/22003
Vol. 2/32003
Vol. 3/12004
Vol. 3/22004
Vol. 3/32004The return of subjectivity
Vol. 3/42004Naturalizing phenomenology
Vol. 4/12005
Vol. 4/22005
Vol. 4/32005
Vol. 4/42005Enactive experience
Vol. 5/12006
Vol. 5/22006
Vol. 5/3-42006
Vol. 6/1-22007
Vol. 6/32007
Vol. 6/42007Enactive experience
Vol. 7/12008Moral phenomenology
Vol. 7/22008
Vol. 7/32008Affect, agency, intentionality, and responsibility
Vol. 7/42008
Vol. 8/12009
Vol. 8/22009
Vol. 8/32009Dimensions of bodily subjectivity
Vol. 8/42009The social and enactive mind
Vol. 9/12010
Vol. 9/22010Hallucinations
Vol. 9/32010
Vol. 9/420104E Cognition: embodied, embedded, enacted, extended
Vol. 10/12011
Vol. 10/22011
Vol. 10/32011
Vol. 10/42011
Vol. 11/12012Dance and cognitive science
Vol. 11/22012Intersubjectivity and empathy
Vol. 11/32012
Vol. 11/42012Debates on embodied social cognition
Vol. 12/12013Psychosis and I-Thou intersubjectivity
Vol. 12/22013Tacit knowledge
Vol. 12/32013Phenomenal intentionality past and present
Vol. 12/42013
Vol. 13/12014Social facts
Vol. 13/22014
Vol. 13/32014
Vol. 13/42014The phenomenology and science of emotions
Vol. 14/12015
Vol. 14/22015Unreflective action and the choking effect
Vol. 14/32015
Vol. 14/42015Developmental, comparative and conceptual issues
Vol. 15/12016Narrativity, interpretation and responsibility
Vol. 15/22016
Vol. 15/32016
Vol. 15/42016
Vol. 16/12017Critiquing technologies of the mind
Vol. 16/22017
Vol. 16/32017
Vol. 16/42017Rethinking Development
Vol. 16/52017
Vol. 17/12018
Vol. 17/22018Investigating the Social Self
Vol. 17/32018
Vol. 17/42018
Vol. 17/52018
Vol. 18/12019
Vol. 18/22019
Vol. 18/32019
Vol. 18/42019
Vol. 18/52019Objectivity, space, and mind
Vol. 19/12020
Vol. 19/22020
Vol. 19/32020
Vol. 19/42020
Vol. 19/52020
Vol. 20/12020
Vol. 20/22021Phenomenology and personal identity
Vol. 20/32021Embodied cognition and education
Vol. 20/42021
Vol. 20/5Enactivism
Vol. 21/12022Exploring phenomenological interviews
Vol. 21/42022
Vol. 22/12023Phenomenological interviews
Vol. 22/22023
Vol. 22/52023Emotions of the pandemic
Vol. 23/12024
Vol. 23/22024