Vol. 12003Kunst und Wahrheit
Vol. 1/1-22001Heidegger and theology
Vol. 1/3-42001The early Heidegger
Vol. 2/1-22002In memoriam: Hans-Georg Gadamer
Vol. 2/3-42002On Husserl, Fink and Schutz
Vol. 3/1-22003The school of Brentano and husserlian phenomenology
Vol. 3/3-42003Chiasm and logos
Vol. 4/1-22004On Brentano, Husserl and Heidegger
Vol. 4/3-42004The ocean of forgetting
Vol. 52005Translating Heidegger's Sein und Zeit
Vol. 62006A century with Levinas
Vol. 72007Jan Patočka and the European heritage
Vol. 82008Phenomenology and literature
Vol. 92009Michel Henry's radical phenomenology
Vol. 102010
Vol. 112011Concepts of tradition in phenomenology
Vol. 122012Possibilities of embodiment
Vol. 132013On the proper use of phenomenology
Vol. 142014Place, environment, atmosphere
Vol. 152015Early phenomenology
Vol. 162016
Vol. 172017Phenomenology of animality
Vol. 182018The promise of genetic phenomenology
Vol. 192019On conflict and violence
Vol. 202020Phenomenology and the history of platonism
Vol. 20/2020Phenomenology and the history of Platonism
Vol. 212021From witnessing to testimony
Vol. 222022Gestures
Vol. 232023Phenomenologies of the image
Vol. 242024Phenomenology and the sciences
Vol. 252025Eco-Phenomenology
Vol. 262026Phenomenology and psychopathology